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Friday, 3 July 2009

Dovedale Bash

On Wednesday evening a few LADFFA members had a mini social at Dovedale with Fishcake, Glen pointen, KDH, Alex and me. I arrived after 3pm in blistering heat and managed to catch a few wildies in the fast riffles with my Larry's Pride, pics below. All larger fish of late showed no interest and the stockies have all but disappeared

We all met around 7pm at the stones and lit the kettles for a few drinks and a tipple of Kev's whiskey. Some laughs and shared thoughts on our beloved sport along with Glens thoughts on the female anatomy, after birth. Gary(Fishcake) had some fantastic homemade cookies and taking a few of those was the only easy thing all night really. When we eventually set about a few casts there was little joy for anyone really and although the fish were tempted to check out most flies offered, they just didn't seem interested enough to take. I would say considering time spent on this stretch I was fishing with some of the finest anglers around, this said we couldn't crack an egg between us tonight. Sometimes especially after Mayfly the fish don't want to play ball and although the odd fish was caught the fishing was very frustrating. At one point Alex was gonna jump but we managed to talk him down Thank God as the Bangra Crew might have had him on the BBQ.
These lads were great to spend time with and I hope we repeat things soon but without the smoke and Bangra while fishing back down to the car park. My eyes eventually gave up and Glen tied a fly on for me to keep me fishing but to be honest I didn't stand a chance, mind you Kev managed a couple on the last stretch, not sure how though with the smoke, music and complete darkness, he must have some inbuilt sixth sense or hes a jammy git.

Below if you can make it out is a picture of Glen and Kev fishing before we set off on the last stretch. Yes we are perhaps a little mad but we all love it.

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