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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Back to the Barbel

After the rivers being ruined for a short while I decided to have another night after the barbel only this time things worked out fine and dandy. I arrived on the Lower Derwent around 5pm and was soon into this fine looking chub which was my best at 5lb. It may not be my intended catch a barbel but an excellent second best.

Around 7pm my rod bent double and after a hell of a fight I landed this fine barbel below and with the mission accomplished I sat and revelled in my glory, much to my Brothers disappointment who hadn't had a touch since I arrived - Payback.

Just has night was setting in my rod went again and after several blazing runs across stream and an even better fight this beautiful bar of gold was in my hands. What a night! complete success followed by my brother saying "30 more seconds and that's it" and at around 10 seconds the jammy gits rod went resulting in another barbel equal to mine. Landing a fish like this in the dark was a real experience and after fumbling around for some time he landed his fish to fulfill the nights expectations.

Considering this fishing is free for me and 5 mins from home, I will look forward to another crack at the barbel soon, and although I blanked first time out I've soon got into my coarse fishing again, and can you blame me with these wonderful fish above.

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