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Friday, 12 December 2008

The Silver Lady Arrives

Today representing the River Erewash Foundation I assisted in the stocking of grayling into 2 stretches of river Erewash. The Environment agency kindly offered the yearlings in appreciation for our restoration work along the Erewash to date and we are now involved with 2 new stretches of the lower Erewash. The 1st stocking took place along the Erewash, running through Toton accross Broxtowe Borough Council until the river meets the sidings (railway). The Erewash then runs on EA land up towards Sandiacre through Erewash Borough Council where grayling where also stocked today.

The members of the River Erewash Foundation have a substantial stretch of river in which to monitor the Grayling while aiming to improve all habitat along these stretches of the Erewash for all wildlife in and around our little river. These tiny Ladies of the Stream have the odds stacked against them trying to survive against the Heron who delights in small silver fish, aswell as pike, perch and chub amongst a few other predators. I intend to walk the riverbanks endlessly in support of the Grayling, willing them to thrive along the Erewash. One comforting thought is while having the joy of bringing many Grayling to my hand all over Derbyshire , I have learnt they are very hardy fish. Grayling are extremely strong/tuff characters and with the Erewash rapidly running cleaner year by year, they do have a slim chance.

We had chosen the most suitable places to release the fish after considering many factors involved with giving them the best start possible. Hopefully I will lay my hand on 1 or 2 of these fish again, some time in the future when they're a bit bigger. The momentum of the River Erewash Foundation is gathering speed locally, and with all eyes on us we hope in succeeding to give pleasure too many.


Kev said...

Looking at that first photo Mick, are you sure that was the Environment Agency? It looks like you're queueing at a burger van. :) Kev

Mick Martin said...

Hi Kev

Fish and Chip van more like - Interesting stuff dealing with the little sweeties though and a huge learning experience not many get a chance at.

Fingers Crossed