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Thursday, 16 October 2008


Her Majesty was running a little high and holding some colour, not bad conditions when hunting the Lady of the stream. Perfect by the weekend I would think, mind you I caught a grayling on my first cast today, so you can't ask for more than that. I suppose a 3lb grayling instead of 1/2lb
fish could have improved things just slightly and placed the cherry on my first cast cake.

Today was a strange day indeed with interchangeable weather bringing wind,calm,rain,sun and a few other conditions just to confuse me. The favorable condition for the Ladies today was just after each light shower while still overcast, all my grayling were caught in these periods. Funny how a sudden change in the weather can switch them on instantly when things have seemed dead for a while.

I chose nymphs today for the 1st time since spring, just to try and avoid the trout, some of which were still on duty at their feeding stations to my surprise, but hopefully a few hard frosts will put pay to that. I decided to use my Sage TCR which is a total powerhouse and during the blustery spells, I really needed it, casting into the wind while upstream nymphing. I used a duo method today with size 16 Grayling bugs on point and size 14 Orange and Partridge switched with Snipe and Purple now and then on the dropper. I caught fish on all my flies but my point fly just edged it I think, I had a total of 7 grayling with nothing large but all very beautiful indeed. I did catch a few trout but released them sap while still in the water. It was wonderful to be back on the fly today and that's the way I'm staying from now on.

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