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Friday, 25 July 2008

Howden/Derwent Reservoirs

Yesterday I fished Howden/Derwent aiming to catch some of the wild browns it holds which are surely among the finest looking trout in Derbyshire, not massive but truly beautiful. The trout have a dark tinge due to the peat stained water along with magnicifant tails and fins.
After a long trek to reach the ressies going up for sometime in the car, before taking to foot.
We began fishing and it wasn't long before the fish decided to show themselves. Wild = fight like stink, no matter how small, especially here. Although they weren't rising as much as earlier in the year when I fished, they were still rising and we quickly had high expectations.

The water was much lower than in May as shown below, around 7ft at a guess, this exposed a lot of ground features for future reference. Dropping into the Ressie and walking 100 rds from the tree line before reaching the waters edge, proved to our benefit later in the day.

We stayed late evening and after a fair share of success through the day, the evening died early and with nothing rising, all went quiet. Deciding we'd had enough we innocently made our way back to the car, unaware a murderous mob lay in wait for us. Arrivin back at the tree line, the fun started instantly. Midges everywhere and they were definitely sticking the boot in, with nips all over our bodies they quickly overcame us. The tackle got slung unpacked in the boot, while we made our escape, using ooh ahh! followed by some choice words, that needless to say turned the air blue, and for most of the journey home, we both itched and slapped at the last few. We spoke on the way home and realised the the setting was very similar to Scotland, being high and wooded, so the swarms of midges made sense really. Thank God! the water was low, keeping us well away from the tree line all day/night.

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