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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Dovedale (smashed to a pulp)

The kids were at their Grandparents today, so me and the Captain (wife) decided to take the walk from Milldale to Dovedale, especially as the forecast was cold, clear and bright, just how I like it. Needless to say, after I explained how a few casts here and there during the walk wouldn't take much longer, we soon set off with me carrying my 10ft rod, and the Captain a smelly landing net. The Dove always looks spectacular during heavy frosts and below is the proof, so with the river running clear and very few walkers about, I was certain to impress the Captain with my fly fishing skills.

Now the reality was, I never felt a pull, tug, twitch or knock all day long, although I did recieve lots of resistance from large boulders and underwater snags, one bonus is I've found a name for my latest grayling flies, Tree Magnets. I must have snagged almost every tree along the stretch which cost me at least a dozen flies and the only fish I saw all day, were 2 large grayling lying under a tree, so I quickly set about stalking them. This peg cost me 3 more flies on the same damn tree, and although the Captain had shown great strength and resilliance all day, she just couldn't contain her laughter any longer. She tried to console me between belly laughs by saying "well those flies don't cost much to make do they?" totally bypassing the fact I had to endure below zero temperatures for hours in my shed, tediously tying them with all the passion of a female flamenco dancer. Just to end on a positive note we did get a welcome visit from a plump robin who followed us downstream for a while, and the Dippers were busy diving without neoprenes or thermals - the mad boggers, just another day at the mill for them I suppose. After saying all this the day was not wasted as we had a lovely peaceful day without any children and filled the riverbank with laughter, and afterall I could think of worse places to spend a day.

I am left wondering where all those lovely grayling have gone though.

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