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My guiding services are now available to assist fly fishermen on both game and coarse rivers. I'd be happy to advise and arrange your special day anywhere from one of Derbyshires finest trout and grayling rivers to your own local coarse river. Email Mick Martin for details and options. Please copy and paste into your own email

Monday, 19 November 2007

Carsington Water

This was the last day of the season at Carsington so I just had to get one last trip to finish a great season. Driving there was a real challenge due to the heavy fog, fortunately I've made that journey many times before and could probably do it blindfolded. Arriving at the pontoon half asleep I realised navigating a boat with visibility at 10ft around a big water would be more difficult than the drive there had been. It took an age crawling through that fog until I eventually brushed up against the valve tower which is out of bounds for boats. I made my way to Millfields point in a zigzag fashion and eventually began fishing. Hit and hope was the only way to describe the early morning as you couldn't see a thing.
After a while the sun came to the rescue and when the mist lifted the fishing began and it turned into a sunny autumn day, although the fishing still proved very random. Di7 sinking line with boobies and blobs seemed the most successful method of the day with drifts across the mouth of Fishtail Creek. My brother caught the fish of the day with a lovely brown trout, and as always the fish gave good accounts of themselves. No insect life to be found and due to recent frosts the fish wouldn't take anything in the shape of nymphs or buzzers, it had to be a fry/tadpole type lure to bring any success.

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