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My guiding services are now available to assist fly fishermen on both game and coarse rivers. I'd be happy to advise and arrange your special day anywhere from one of Derbyshires finest trout and grayling rivers to your own local coarse river. Email Mick Martin for details and options. Please copy and paste into your own email

Monday, 19 November 2007

30 Oct 2007

Willersley Castle

On arrival the first thing I notice is the water clarity is close to crystal clear although maybe a little low it looks very inviting indeed. After a look around I decided nothing was rising so I set up a 10ft nymph rod. I started by using a sacrificial weighted nymph with a small unweighted nymph wafting 18inch behind with the overall leader twice the depth of the water I intended to fish. I began catching instantly and 3 hours later I'd caught 8 brown trout and lost a pair of polaroid shades and a steel flask full of tea to the river which meant the rest of the evening was going to be thirsty work.

I sat on the bank hawking on every little movement in and above the Derwent, I often reflect on the fishing so far when on a day out to improve on the second session, however it doesn't always work out that way. Later that evening I spotted Grayling topping for something and after trying caenis and sedge patterns the Grayling kept turning away at the last minute. Moments later I spotted Pale Watery Duns hatching in front of me which are middle to large upwings flies of a golden yellow colour. Looking through my flybox I matched them closely with a golden yellow spinner. The fun began instantly as the grayling snatched with gusto and were not letting go for all the flies in the world. In that last hour before dark I landed 6 beautiful Grayling of a good size and stamp, both male and female.

There can be nothing more satisfying than matching the hatch and catching fish as a result, afterall thats what a game fisherman aims to do, be at one with nature while taking in all surroundings and using your cunning plans to outwit some wiley old brown trout who often proves far to masterful for us brothers of the angle.

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