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Thursday 11 July 2013

Come To Daddy

Last night I was gobsmacked when our Grace lifted her whip to show me the first Erewash grayling ever caught to my knowledge. Soon after my boy Alfie followed suit and then myself, I was delighted to hit a pod of Ladies especially as I'd stocked them personally 2 yrs ago in the hope they might take hold which they definitely have. Brilliant news indeed and after losing my way lately and becoming disheartened with the project but I now can confirm my Mojo is now brimming.
so much pleasure in seeing this unfold as these ladies came back to Daddy.



Regular Rod said...

Brilliant News Mick!

Keep the faith, you should be very, very proud of what you have managed to achieve with the Erewash that at one time was little better than an open sewer.

Well done.


Mick Martin said...

Cheers RR. Watch this space we have mountains to move.

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