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Monday, 17 September 2012

Check Nymph DIY Sighter

I thought I'd share my latest check nymph trials and jubilations with you all, especially as its now nothing short of brilliant and for next to nowt you can't go wrong.
First of all ebay for some colour rubbers for pole fishing floats. I got mine for a couple of quid and to give some idea they're used for visual aid at long distances by adding to float tip above surface. The next step cut the various colours into 1 inch strips to thread onto your intended nymph flyline. Then fit a flouro coloured braid loop before sliding the rubbers neatly down to the braided loop and with a drop of superglue on every joint the jobs done. The only things you might want to consider are keeping a permanent nymphline or you may have to loose the chosen length indicator off the end of your flyline come spring. Remember for general nymph fishing keep em short to reduce weight from being too splashy, although the ladies don't really mind.
After trying out at Willersley Castle yesterday I can honestly say it worked a treat, well worth the effort and for just a snip. Visually you can see for yourself from the pics and the takes are so easily detected while preventing any tendancies of flyline slipping back through the eyes. Its a winner!


Anonymous said...

Nice, but I wonder if it isn't a bit complicated. I keep a Czech nymphing leader ready to go - c.4' thick end of redundant dryfly leader, c.6" fluoro yellow backing (indicator - can be fl. orange +/-barred with black marker pen),c.3' 0.14cm nylon with one dropper - all loop to loop from end of fly line on. It means you don't have anything cumbersome on end of line if they start rising and you want to go to dry fly. Cheers, Pat

Mick Martin said...

Hi Pat
I've used many systems using bicolour mono/braid /old leaders/ marker pens/floating balls etc but not on the same ball park really.
As for rising fish i switch to my dryfly reel - simples

dave` said...
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