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Monday, 20 August 2012

Soup Sir!

Wye fished excellent pm yesterday with sedge everywhere i had a good 90 mins around Cauldwell Mill with olives and sedge scattered around. There was little rising but I managed to land a few fine grayling and a couple of browns on sedge fly.
I moved into the park area where the river came alive like boiling soup and my sedge patterns were taken with gusto resulting in too many fish. Getting caught in this hotspot used all my time up so I never left time to target the bigguns. Spinners were not being taken with any consistancy so sedge easily won the night right up until dark. Bumped into Mr Pointon and friend which is always a laugh and they also experienced take off around 7ish with little luck on the spinner.


Regular Rod said...

It was good to see you again Mick. I have to report that downriver below Meaden Bridge the fish were eating spinners! It is weird how activity like this can be localised.

Mick Martin said...

Thats fishing! Once fished through an imaginary line across the river taken 2 different hatches. I'd never of believed if I hadn't seen with my own eyes.