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My guiding services are now available to assist fly fishermen on both game and coarse rivers. I'd be happy to advise and arrange your special day anywhere from one of Derbyshires finest trout and grayling rivers to your own local coarse river. Email Mick Martin for details and options. Please copy and paste into your own email

Monday, 30 July 2012


After watching Hamilton win the Hungarian GP I knew with my positive state of mind I should grab my gear and tear across to Bakewell. My last 2 evening visits left nothing to write home about, just hard work resulting in a couple of fish but today the home of flyfishing couldn't possibly dampen my spirits any. Arriving at Scots Garden the heavens opened so I waited things out for 30 mins before the sun broke through and I could go on my merry way. There were spinners in numbers and gentle rises dotted about and the PPS went straight on resulting in some excellent fishing, browns, rainbows and a fine 2 lb+ grayling with an even bigger lady pinging off. I switched to a small olive to catch a couple more before moving through town.
The Wye was spot on for my mind and the level had dropped leaving the river settled with the fish raring to go. I caught a few lunkers on sedge but the poly prop spinner was in no doubt today's winner, catching fish into dark.
The Dryfly Expert was out landing fish with ease and in a distant land (festival)i could hear the Rolling Stones which soon had me breaking into my Mick Jagger routine with rod in hand which I'm sure, really impressed RR. Finally after an amazing nights wangling I bumped into Baslowfisher and all three of us had a chat before ending another amazing night at the Home Of Flyfishing.

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