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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Timing Is Everything

I dashed over to bakewell after work and began tackling up until I realised I'd left my reel at home, hot damn!. Being a member of the Peacock Fly Fishers meant this wasn't a problem and a quick phone call to Jan the keeper and as quick as you can say "brown trout" a 4# reel was placed in my hand, now that's a proper service. No doubting most clubs would have meant me sodding off home before kick off but the Peacock goes that extra mile, or 7 1/2 miles to be precise. Thanks Jan.

 Today the Wye opened up after the wet weekend and became fishable again, in fact it looked great to see a good torrent washing through Scots Garden, especially since the bank has been opened up creating much more available fish holding water and considering catching 3 browns like above has proved a complete success in my book.
It was definately a brownie day on the Wye and some lovely plump specimens like the one's below were taking, olives and sedge 18's.

Yet another amazing night on the Derbyshire Wye and the whole place to myself  apart from the bats at dusk who came out to play before I reached the car, it was still a warm 21degrees.

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