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Monday, 23 May 2011

That's My Boy

After being blown off Carsington yesterday I decided to return early evening for a couple of hours, especially as the wind gave some respite, briefly I might add after just returning from walking the dogs. After checking the age limit (5) I decided little Alfie Trugg would get his first fishing experience, after all he'd enjoy the boat ride alone and I would have something from the expense off the day.
On arrival the wind had dropped and we both had an amazing evening together using traditional methods (booby on floating line)to catch a few off the top. Funny because when Alfie landed his first fish he was completely full of beans but the smile dropped when i explained about his first trout picture for mummy and plonked it on the bench next to him(check the body language). He wouldn't hold that fish for nothing however i used his distain to my advantage by explaining how I was gonna lye it next to Mrs Trugg in bed tonight, to his horror.
After a peaceful nights sleep on reflection I completely loved the whole experience at Carsington and so did he boy, especially how Alfie proved promising to be a chip off the old block.


Baslowfisher said...

Mick, Good fishing times ahead withn your new fishing buddy.

Mick Martin said...

Thats what you call living the dream, taking your son fishing, truly awsome experience, however he keeps going on about the big one that ran away.