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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

VW Sedge

Why a VW Sedge you ask yourself? well relax because its not German, the material you see below is a small piece of Vet Wrap (VW) that I have used successfully for Mayfly and Daddy bodies this summer, and now this huge red sedge shown below, as they usually appear during the back end of the season. Vet Wrap is simply a self sticking horse bandage obtained from any saddlery and at around £2.99 for a roll that would out live most anglers. After cutting a small square I folded it over and pressed it flat before colouring the piece with a pantone pen. I was impressed with the material, looking close to a real life sedge wing, which just holds in the surface film without treating. I used a matching red dubbing with a large red game hackle trimmed underneath, I also tied a few green ones with horns for a more realistic look.

Now this fly had lived in my box for sometime and earlier in the day Jan (riverkeeper) had mentioned at the weekend how he'd spotted some huge red sedges around lately, but I still didn't twig. Later in the day while brushing my finger tips across my fly box, not knowing where to turn it all clicked into place, VW Sedge, nows is as good a time as any for a trial run, especially after what Jan had said earlier. On a more difficult evening this VW Sedge produced a fine 5lb8oz wild rainbow trout and straight after revelling in my glory, another fish which unfortunately I bounced off. The job was done and this fly earned a place at the back of my fly box for the odd occasion, and the Vet Wrap has proved itself yet again an excellent material, its uses really are endless and one of the best buys in my tying shed.

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Dustin's Fly Box said...

Thats kinda amazing! Great tie, I just started following and reading through your blog