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Monday, 23 August 2010

Wonderful Wye

Yesterday after babysitting Saturday night while the wife took part in a crazy hen night, I took full advantage of my god deed, taking the opportunity to get to the Peacock for 9am to check in for a morning session before meeting the clan at lunchtime. I wanted to fish the lower section as I'd never fished there before, probably because it used to be stocked, but now I'm happy to report has a no stocking policy, moving in the direction of the majority of Haddon water which is now all totally wild - yippee.

I parked next to the Wye at Cauldwell Mill and was amazed by this lovely little stretch and I strolled by the Wye through Rowsley meadows on a glorious sunny morning with a good few fish rising just to plonk a bit of jam on it. I managed a dozen trout and a couple of grayling before reaching the 1st farm leaving plenty more river on the lower section to explore in the near future. As usual time fly's when enjoying yourself and after a surprised double take at my phone it was 11.30am so I dashed back to the Peacock for a pot of tea while waiting for the possy to arrive.

Gradually everybody arrived and after a god chin wag and having a wonderful handmade fly stand presented to Glen and me by Commo for helping him out a little with his fishing. Let me tel you I was as pleased as punch anybody would take the time to create such a considerate most excellent gift. I've checked for hidden cameras as this would be a fantastic way to gain access to top some top secret fly tying, but then I remembered Commo's flies are better than mine and Glens anyway, so panic over. Thanks soooooooooooo much Commo - Top Man!.

We decided on different locations along the river to spread ourselves thin but after all there's 27 miles (think) of fishing so plenty of river for all of us. I went with Glen who showed me and a young man called Alex around the upper reaches. We explored some awesome sections of river with dreamy fast sections for a cold morning, we all caught as well as spotting some real lunkers including a nice grayling Glen caught plus this one I'm holding below and its not often they lok big in my hands.

We all met in town for tea and had a couple of hours to finish the day of, all catching a few of the big lads which I happily helped land with my big barbel net. Deano hooked into a 5lb brown with a kype to die for and boy did he take him on a carousel ride, going round and round every time he sensed the net coming close. After a few special minutes Deano was out of breath while releasing his lifetimes best, gently caressing the specimen back to perfection, ready for another angler to relish. Deano also landed a healthy 4lb Rainbow to cap his day of nicely- he'll be back.

As night drew in bonehead claimed the last bit of glory but I fuly intend to give him a lesson on handling fish within the restraints of common decency, especialy as the pic below clearly shows pleasure of a sexual nature - Thats what you call Living the dream - Dream on bonehead.

We all bid our farewells before driving home on yet another satisfying day on Derbyshires finest, and there is so much yet for me to see. I intend to take full advantage of the new olive Peacock membership deal mixed in with my DCAC I'll be in heaven next season.


The Lion Tamer said...

Great post Trugg. Members now eh!

Mick Martin said...

Instead of polishing the crown a few days a year, we'll be sitting on the throne as often as we like next year.