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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Welsh Dee-lights

After threatening to kidnap Commo off the forums yesterday we both drove over to Llangollen(Trevor) and picking up the Country Park signs we bought our £10 day tickets of a friendly lady in the shop at the Country Park. Me and Commo nearly collapsed when she mumbled something about fisherman and asked " is there a competition coming up" especially after our 2 hour drive to get there. Then she explained how 2 other fisherman obtained tickets earlier and are taking a 3 day break although they might not fish today anyway. Obviously after a giggle and a huge sigh of relief we set about fishing some of the miles of river Dee available from Maelor Angling Association.
We started of near the Viaduct and wondered downstream to the country Park but along the opposite bank and began catching fish instantly on dries. We caught countless beautiful little browns who snatched at everything, although high sticking in the swing produced most takes with red tag and bradshaws fancy proving best flies for me. The pic below shows Commo high sticking across the riffle to good effect with plenty of trout that were very obliging.

Lost in time we suddenly realised it was early evening so after a couple of Ringtons brews (Micky 2 cups) we headed back to the car in search of some nosh in preparation for the last couple of hours evening session. Driving towards Llangollen for a few miles we came to the Sun pub on the right pictured below. I've been told the fishing can be good through the entrance opposite the Sun so we popped in to check the menu and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Browsing the reasonably priced menu Commo went for Gammon steak with trimmings and I chose the Ruby Murray (keeps the chesties warm at night).
The food was pretty good and we even got some locals offering us their advice on fishing
below the pub "match the colour of the rocks and you can't go wrong" one chap shouted.
On approaching the water Commo said "does your fly match the grey rock colour" I laughed after replying loud and clear "yes" then I showed him my red hackled Red tag.

We both caught plenty more fish through this section and Commo landed the best Lady of the day but we'd only managed 6 between us all day, which was unusual considering we easily caught 50+ trout. No lunker to show for the day but a truly great day none the less and all for a tenner.
While fishing this area its easy to forget all civilisation exists as the pics below capture the lonely angler (Commo) in the vast wilderness with breathtaking scenery. Both fished out and knackered we crawled up the hill back to the Sun car park where a few hippies were strumming a guitar having a sing song. i soon rained on their parade when I stripped to my cacks in the car park, well I had to put dry clothes on and anyway it finished Commo's day off in true Trugg style.

We both chatted away until reaching Stoke where we bid our farewells
until next time of course. An excellent days fishing on the Welsh Dee in good company so until next time...........................

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