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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Few Suprises

Finding time and enthusiasm to blog has been difficult latelt but I've been fishing the Erewash several times in search of my 1st Erewash barbel and when finally hooking a good size Billy I quickly got smashed to pieces by this animal. I've since had to re-think and tackle up before considering another attempt along with some much needed respite. Those anglers with barbel experience can appreciate that catching one in a small stream full of snags is close to mission impossible, in fact my skills were found lacking somewhat, in my failure I sat for an hour as darkness fell all around me, totally devastated.
Needing to refresh my batteries a local lad had told me about some brown trout in the Erewash so I took a welcome break and aimed my sights on my 1st Erewash brownie with my fly rod. Arriving at the secret location I plonked my backside down and observed, to my amazement the young lad was right, sure enough there was a brownie smooching about and God knows I've caught enough to know what I was looking at, in fact I spotted 3 browns that day. After throwing everything at this Wiley bugger, I resorted to my white Larries Pride (bread fly) which did the business instantly, hallelujah! I owe so much to this pattern its untrue, especially this time of year when it always comes into its own, producing time and time again.
Let me tell you that's a biggie crossed off my Erewash list and although the picture shows a slender long trout, in fact a bit skinny really, this trout is right up there on my accomplishment list and he was most welcome after proving to me inconclusively that we have brown trout in our river after seeing with my own eyes.

Lastnight for a change I went after some of the Derwent barbel with my friend Dave. This is free fishing with my DRAC membership (bonus) as they own a sensational stretch of prime barbel water in the Borrowash area. I stuck with it all day until 9.45 the witching hour and I got the pull of my life. This was definately a good barbel which in no time had took me downstream and tangled up my second rod just to complicate things. Dave came to assist me with the net, helping with my other rod and on watching the fish surface he shouted "bloody hell, its a big un mate" and how right he was.
After a tug of war we landed my personnel best 12lb 3oz barbel and just before dark which only added the atmosphere on a wonderful summers evening - get in there!


The Squire said...

Mick, that is one 'uge fish. Good angling.

glen pointon said...

what a fuckin fish Mick, u are a natural big gun hunter, well done mate, i know what its like to catch and land a superb fish like that...nice one glen