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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Darley Duffers

Yesterday afternoon I made my way to Darley Dale to fish the Derwent as its usually excellent around this time of year. Some recent rain had put a little water back in but still a little low but running clear and looking appealing. to start the day off when parking I met a chap who'd not fly fished on rivers before but explained he'd lots of still water experience but was lacking that bit of confidence to approach the rivers. I offered to help a little if I could and off we went in search of some rising fish which was obviously instantly, this lovely river was full of fish taking mayfly which made for a perfect day for a river virgin. I gave a quick demo of approach, method and considerations before catching this lovely fish below, old bighead strikes again.

As to be expected there where a few timing issues resulting in missed takes, over striking, bouncing off and plain old missed by miles but before long, Bingo!. Below is a picture of the chaps first wild river fish and no doubt one he won't forget. I'll never forget the joy and pleasure this beautiful trout gave him, another slave to the river was created right then and there.

Below shows him full of confidence fishing from the middle of the Derwent and he soon began to raise his tally before half time with a Ringtons Tea break with the Kelly.

By early evening, spinners were a plenty and the fish were taking no prisoners so we filled our boots in duffers paradise. White and yellow drakes caught plenty and by evening they were queuing up to join the James May fan club like the one below with one hanging out his mouth.

We stopped for evening tea with Mexican chicken wraps for supper, courtesy of my companion, before fishing into the night and my Buddy's timing was fast becoming spot on catching 5 fish from one pool while I secretly watched his technique from downstream. Finally I was really pleased with my last fish shown below, a swollen little brown with a belly full on mayfly. Needless to say more than enough fish were caught by both of us on such a classic memorable day with its sunshine, mayfly, trout, Ringtons and best of all, good company. We arrived back at our cars where my partner thanked me for a superb day spent together and no doubt over the next few days he'll realise just how good and before long he will have to admit his new found addiction.

Hang on! nearly forgot I spotted a Derby Railway angler fly fishing from a 12ft bank the pillock, he did have a long handled net but come on! I know the DRAC membership is cheap but that's no reason to act like a chav pillock with no regard for his quarry. People like him give the sport a bad name bashing and bouncing fish off the bank before throwing them 12ft back into the river to die. Please have a whip round and buy this Pratt some waders along with a few lessons on catch and release. This would be better option than me wrapping his landing net around his neck before bouncing him around the bank and throwing him 12ft into the river.


Chris Hawkins said...

Do you need special permission to fish these beautiful stretches you fish?

Mick Martin said...

Obtaining a rod license then joining Derbyshire County Angling Club gave me plenty of river and stillwater fishing, aswell as excellent barbel fishing which I enjoy in summer, put together with a few day tickets here and there, I've enough beautiful fishing for 2visits a week all year round.

Chris Hawkins said...

Hey thanks for the reply