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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Good Morning Her Majesty

Spent the morning grayling fishing on Her Majesty on Thursday, apologies for the delay but I'm pleased to report all her treasure is still in place, if you know where to look that is. It was extremely cold in the river and I needed to break away from fishing now and then to keep my legs working. I should really avoid wading above the knee in extreme temps, at my weight arthritis could really kick me in the butt in my older years, worse case scenario finish my beloved passion prematurely. On this day it was worth all the effort searching around the cold river, especially when I found a pocket of beautiful ladies, laying in wait to pleasure me.
I had a few sizable grayling like in the pic above, mixed in with a few just a pleasing smaller ones like the fish shown below. I used a check nymph method with 2 of my extremely heavy Leatherback Nymphs which have proved deadly while bugging this winter. To be honest I've found 2 check nymphs more effective than 3 around many Derbyshire rivers, well the shallow ones at least, I hate them bloody snags when fishing 3 and the depth is much harder to control.

I gave up just after lunch after a memorable mornings fishing and I dare say I probably would have lasted longer than Robson Green as this was real extreme fishing. I'm of the opinion that the quality of lady bashing this season seems to be supreme, if not as regular as usual it has produced many beauties like the one below, my favorite of the day.

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