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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Super Barrio

I decided to try a Mike Barrio fly line a few weeks ago as I've heard good reports from many anglers and read a few positives on the forum over the years. I stuck to my usual line choice for fishing many rivers around Derbyshire 4# DT and having used many lines previously, I already had my measuring stick to compare my new Mike Barrio line that I purchased for £19 including delivery :eek: - very reasonable indeed. The line came within a couple of days, well packaged with a personal hand written message inside from Mike wishing me the best with the line :eek: very rare nowadays and very much appreciated. The olive line is a camo type green and I quickly run it off the spool provided onto my reel ready to go, on first impressions the line felt very slick and supple.
I have used the line a few times now and feel ready to give a simple anglers opinion after playing a few dozen fish ;). First of all there was no memory whatsoever and the line shot through the eyes and off into the horizon, not brilliant at first as I rarely need distance fishing my preferred small river and streams. I quickly got the feel and began to tame the beast, casting as well as I ever have, confident enough to attempt my usual suicide casts with some success. Speaking in terms of presentation, distance, accuracy, memory and feel, the Barrio line could live with all the lines I'd tried previously, makes such as Cortland,Shakespeare,Partridge etc and even my most recent favoured line the Scientific Anglers Mastery XPS at around £50. I can honestly say the Mike Barrio is an excellent line at a phenomenal price and would recommend any angler to save themselves a few quid and give one a try - I can't fault it. Durability is the only unanswered question now, how long will it last, only time will tell, but for now its a truly superb line and worthy of sharing with all brothers of the wangle.

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