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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Rise! Sir Glenbo of Willersley Castle

I fished the evening at Willersley last night and was joined by Glen Pointon for a few hours which is always gonna be a laugh. When I arrived the Derwent was still pretty high and holding some colour but what the hell, the sun was shining and I was fishing. While waiting for Glen the urge was just too much so I decided to have a flick around the bridge next to the car park. There were plenty of sedge around and I also spotted 1 or 2 Cranefly so on went the Daddies which to my surprise got walloped, I love it when a plan comes together. Below are some pics of the fish caught which always seem massive at this venue, all caught from under the trees. Only the brave or stupid get the best results at this place with dodgy wading a must, often resulting in a dunking.

After landing 2 good fish I nipped out to wait at the car for Glen to sort his guest ticket an check in. We both browsed the returns book at the checking station which fascinated Glen as we counted 8 rods in 6 days and 2 of those in pairs. Definitely no rod pressure but the river was a little out of condition, mind you nobody told the fish. Once we got in the river and I mean in the river, like this shot below showing Glen drowning his nipples. Glen relished the challenge of a larger river, well bigger than his usual haunts, but like a true Knight of Willersley Castle he stumbled and tripped as I held the back of his jacket, showing no fear as I navigated him around the river like a parrot on his shoulder.
Glen trusted my knowledge of this riverbed totally, like I said earlier brave or stupid, possibly a bit of both, you decide - only joking.

Glen soon got into the fish to my relief but he decided to juggle them when ever I got my camera out, including the best fish of the day but at least I saw the delight in his face, which was good enough for me. The mission was completed and I'd even managed to get Glen playing the biggy before it turned into a bar of soap.

At last Glen decided to hold onto one long enough for me to get the picture and I suspect although not his biggest, he was happy enough and its written all over his face. The temp dropped quite dramatically for a summers night resulting in nothing moving until Glen spotted a small rise on the tail of a pool. Needless to say he had to have a go and landed a nice grayling which he'd zoomed in on, and thoroughly deserved.

On reflection I think Glens spent to much time with Dave Wood, hes beginning to suffer with the shakes badly after sharing Dave's whiskey a little too often - naughty boy. One unmissable fact is this kid learns fast and has the instinct needed to be a dedicated efficient fly angler, mind you what would I know. We fished until dark around the bridge area but with no success and being deep we held hands as we waded our way back out, hopefully nobody spotted us. We both shook hands and drove off in different directions, but not for long I suspect.

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