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Sunday, 28 September 2008


I fished downstream today as I'm determined to finish the season using dry fly, although the temperature had dropped and I felt a cold wind on leaving the house I had concerns about the method. While arriving at the river Dove the sun broke through and the gorge seemed to discourage any cold wind so there was hope, although the water temp was very cold compared to last week. It quickly became apparent with very little rising and after catching a few fish that fast water was going to be the only successful technique today, most of this I put down to the crystal clear water which has to be seen to be believed. I assume the fish search for better protection and cover so hiding under riffled water makes sense when you can see every stone on the river bed, also baring in mind the fish have excellent vision.

I passed a couple of rods around Dove Holes who had quickly given up explaining they had no joy using dries and nymphs so they were heading back to try somewhere else. As usual my pigheadedness kept me searching further down the river, resulting in this brown below. Not only did it have a huge tail, it fought well above its weight circling me twice before coming to my net.

I would say the river was in lovely condition but running so clear if your stealth fishing wasn't up to scratch, you were gonna be disappointed. Carefully picking my spots, I managed a dozen well conditioned trout and most taken with my Larry's Pride. Many trout spotted appeared to be getting ready for spawning, showing no interest in feeding but getting busy bashing and preparing the Redd's (gravels) all along the stretch.

I believe this stretch of her Majesty is doing very well and I expect a prosperous future. This confirms my feelings that the handful of stock fish placed around Dovedale should cease immediately, lets leave the Doves wild stock to heal thyself as I have a strong feeling she'll do fine and dandy, especially judging by the amount of work taking place on the river bed yesterday.

My after thoughts are for whatever reason, spawning may have started a touch early this year, so using dry fly to catch the feeding fish that are prepared to rise and break the surface for a food item, is the only way for me. Sub-surface fishing could possibly interrupt spawning trout, especially if the nymph is brushed against its nose, although trout season doesn't end until next weekend. Maybe in the near future season dates may have to be shuffled in these ever changing times and seasons and who knows fish may spawn twice a year before too long.

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