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Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Lastnight I fished from Milldale to Tissington Spires and the Dove was running crystal clear so a little stealth was the order on this beautiful sunny day. First stop was Dove Holes and with the odd fish rising, I managed 2 trout on a Sedge pattern but also had a refusal from a massive brown, possibly the biggest I've seen in Derbyshire anywhere - If only.

I soon began walking again this time all the way downstream to the Spires to fish my way back. Her majesty (Dove) placed all her fish on display for me today and although there was only a few rising, my Balloon Caddis and Elk Sedge seemed to bring them up when worked a little. Most stops produced fish, some to an excellent standard and a few recently stocked fish but all welcome sport.

Nearing Dove Holes on my return, all the Heavens opened so I had to run for the cave as I only had my T-shirt on - damn weather forecast. I set up the kelly while imprisoned with my thoughts for 45mins, although the trout below still gulping something in real heavy rain, provided some entertainment during my Cave Troll experience.

Once the rain stopped there was a mist on the water from which a Mayfly hatch appeared, I dont know why but they where all over the place, mind you the fish didn't show any interest.
Avoiding being under dripping trees, I fished the fast strips back towards the top of the stretch, but not before landing the best of the day pictured below. Although this was a magnicifent looking fish that fought hard with a few acrobatics thrown in, it was the near immpossible cast under a tree to connect, that provided immense satisfaction. My 9ft Sage TCR has come into its own lately, and with this rod I am confident of flicking my fly virtually anywhere. Another fantastic day to remember and my best fishing this season has come after Mayfly Season for sure.

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Kev said...

Nice post Mick. Dovedale is in great condition at the moment. My daughters' school has a training day Friday and they've asked if they can go fishing 'tup Dovedale. With three of the little darlings in tow (only one of 'em fishing, as a member) and the dog, I'm not sure my chances are great.