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Monday, 28 January 2008

Mission Impossible

Today I took my first walk along a stretch of the Erewash river with a mind to explore the possobilities of restoring the river to former glories. The River Erewash Restoration Project is about a group of fly fishermen who have decided to join hands to try and bring about, the return of a succesful trout stream. We intend to walk the different stretches hopefully to find any suitable spots to restore, if there are any that is. I took my camera along with Biscuit and Cookie (dogs) for a walk from Moorbridge Lane to the Severn Trent works at Trowell, which takes roughly around 30 mins each way, with a few stops to investigate. The river has just been in flood so the water is coloured and there is plenty of debris scattered along the banks, and caught up in the trees. I took pictures while walking to show the group the present condition which is shown in the pictures below, and no doubt we have our work cut out.


iaingl said...

Hi Mick

Great Blog, really love it. We DCAC members are so lucky with quality fishing here.

Just one comment and a note on how to solve it. Your pictures take a long while to load up on my connection. Try loading Windows Image sizer from Microsoft. This allows you to resize multiple images at one, making smaller copies which you can upload much quicker and load up on web pages much faster. I had the same problem with m7y wife's website and this solved the problem.

Tight Lines for 2008. Iain

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